Estimating the IQ of L and Light.

In death note, L and Light took a university entrance exam and both topped the rankings with a perfect score. Given the average IQ of college students in the USA is 105 due to selection bias and that Japan has a national IQ of 106, the average IQ of teenagers taking the Japanese college entrance … Continue reading Estimating the IQ of L and Light.

Estimating Magnus Carlsen’s IQ

Regression to the mean is a fucking horrible bitch. She took Aella by the tits and ripped them off, now she will take Carlsen by the dick and give the shaft a nice slice. For whatever reason the commonly accepted IQ of magnus carlsen is 190 - I think this is because people seem to … Continue reading Estimating Magnus Carlsen’s IQ

Taking and Rating Political Tests

note: auth vs lib will be inconsistent for me because it will depend on the questions they ask. I lean left on sex/general autonomy/prostitution/religion, right on lgbt/divorce/gendershit. I have a nationalist worldview, but don't feel patriotic, so questions aimed at asking about personal patriotism will fail. List: Political Compass Test - 4/10 IDRLABS - 6/10 … Continue reading Taking and Rating Political Tests

Intelligence is not Pareto Distributed

Windsor Swan has argued on his substack that intelligence is pareto distributed, not normally distributed. If this was the case, the IQ distribution would be converted to this scale: I think this is intuitively ridiculous, though I have statistical and theoretical evidence to support why I think intelligence is close to normally distribution Theoretical Evidence … Continue reading Intelligence is not Pareto Distributed

Idea on how Power Should be Analyzed

(potential schizopost incoming) billionairesacademiaCIAlib mediabillionaires10.150.050.4academia0.110.20.5CIA0.150.1510.25lib media0.20.350.151nxn influence matrix On the row the influence an institution has over other institutions is outlined. As a result, you can also observe the dependencies an institution has. For example, billionaires have an influence of 0.15 over academia, and lib media has an influence of 0.2 over the police. Minimum … Continue reading Idea on how Power Should be Analyzed

On Ideology

Ideology is to me a set of beliefs that happen to cluster together which can be formally recognized or not. I think these are due to certain core beliefs which determine the rest of the beliefs. Let me offer a few examples to illustrate this. Libertarianism "Liberty is of upmost importance" With only this phrase … Continue reading On Ideology

Attempt to Forecast When IPV6 hits 50%

scraped data here: my code (hw3 takes like 10 minutes): TL;DR There is a question on metaculus where people are forecasting when IPv6 is going to hit 50% of traffic, and I am going to try to answer it. Key findings: -Forecasting the last 1021 days with the first 4000 days with Holt-Winters … Continue reading Attempt to Forecast When IPV6 hits 50%

The Libertarianism to Dissident Right Pipeline

"Fascism" is just another convenient category where you lump right-wingers who oppose liberal democracy with rabid kooks and ultranationalists, and it's always best to avoid using the language of your enemy. Back to the main topic - those who have followed online spaces should know that the libertarianism->DR pipeline exists. Richard Spencer, Eric Striker, Molyneux, … Continue reading The Libertarianism to Dissident Right Pipeline

Cognitive Ability and Political Views

ideological vocabulary here is American (e.g. fiscal conservatism - less regulation and spending)haven't seen good data outside the western world, so the conclusion is western-specific Summary The correlation between IQ and self-reported general conservatism is negative, and libertarian beliefs are positively associated with IQ. The latter relationship is robust after controlling for confounders, and there … Continue reading Cognitive Ability and Political Views